The Premier Choice for DUI Defense in Tempe: DM Cantor’s Exceptional Expertise

In the realm of defending against DUI charges in Tempe, Arizona, selecting a seasoned law firm can significantly impact the outcome of your case. DM Cantor, under the leadership of David Michael Cantor, stands out as a preeminent DUI defense firm renowned for its expertise and proven track record. This article delves into why DM Cantor is widely regarded as the top choice for DUI defense in Tempe, highlighting their unparalleled experience, board certifications, and effective defense strategies.

Unmatched Experience and Legal Insight

David Michael Cantor, the founder of DM Cantor, brings a wealth of experience to DUI defense. Beginning his legal career as an Assistant City Prosecutor and DUI Lawyer for the City of Phoenix after joining the State Bar of Arizona in 1989, Cantor transitioned to defending DUI cases from prosecuting them. This unique background endows him with a profound understanding of both sides of the legal process, enhancing his ability to strategize effectively in DUI defense.

Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists

A hallmark of DM Cantor’s excellence is the board certifications held by its attorneys. David Michael Cantor, alongside partners Christine Whalin and Joey Hamby, are all Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialists. This prestigious certification, granted by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization, underscores their specialized expertise in criminal law. It assures clients that they are receiving representation of the highest caliber, backed by extensive knowledge and skill.

Comprehensive Knowledge of DUI Laws and Penalties

The attorneys at DM Cantor possess a deep understanding of Arizona’s DUI laws and the potential penalties associated with various DUI charges. This knowledge is crucial for crafting robust defense strategies tailored to each client’s case. Here’s an overview of some DUI charges and their corresponding penalties handled by DM Cantor:

  • Regular DUI/Impaired Driving (ARS 28-1381(A1)): Includes fines over $1,500, 90-day license suspension, and mandatory alcohol counseling.
  • Extreme DUI (ARS 28-1382(A1)): Involves fines exceeding $2,700, a 30-day jail term (with 21 days suspended with counseling), and similar license penalties.
  • Super Extreme DUI (ARS 28-1382(A2)): Results in fines over $3,200, a 45-day jail sentence (with 31 days suspended with counseling), and extended license suspension periods.

Strategic Defense Approaches

DM Cantor employs a wide array of defense strategies to effectively challenge DUI charges. Their success in securing not guilty verdicts or dismissals is attributed to their meticulous understanding of both the legal and scientific aspects of DUI cases. Key defense strategies include:

  • Challenging Traffic Stops: Asserting lack of reasonable suspicion for the initial traffic stop.
  • Questioning Control of Vehicle: Arguing that the defendant was not in physical control of the vehicle at the time of the incident.
  • Field Sobriety Tests: Scrutinizing the validity of field sobriety tests based on physical conditions or improper administration.
  • Breath/Blood Tests: Highlighting procedural errors or inaccuracies in breath or blood testing processes.

Navigating MVD and Vehicle Impoundment Issues

Beyond criminal defense, DM Cantor assists clients with ancillary issues involving the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) and vehicle impoundment. They provide guidance through MVD hearings and help navigate the complexities of recovering impounded vehicles under court-imposed restrictions, Tempe DUI Lawyer.

Client-Focused Representation

At the heart of DM Cantor’s practice is a commitment to client well-being during challenging legal proceedings. They prioritize diligent work, trial expertise, and personalized client service. Whether handling misdemeanor or felony DUI charges, their mission is to alleviate client stress by taking proactive steps to safeguard their rights and freedom.


Selecting the right DUI defense attorney is paramount when facing legal challenges in Tempe, Arizona. DM Cantor’s unmatched experience, board certifications, and effective defense strategies position them as the premier choice for individuals seeking superior legal representation. If you are confronting DUI charges, contact DM Cantor for a complimentary consultation. Let their skilled team of attorneys advocate for your rights and pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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